1. Is registration required on your site?

No, registration is not required. But if you register on our service, you can participate in the program cumulative discounts and referral program .

2. Do I need to enter real mail when making an exchange request?

Yes. Since in the event that errors occur in the application, changes in the details and any actions with the application, you must send a request from the mail from which the application was made.

3. Working hours of the electronic currency exchanger

All orders are processed automatically 24/7/365 days. Support service hours: Mon-Fri 8:00 – 22:00, Sat-Sun free schedule. If you have any questions regarding the exchange, please contact the online chat or send a letter to our email.

4. Is there a delay/hold when transferring from Yandex Money to a bank card?

All payments from Yandex Money go through instantly, without delays/holds.

5. How to make an exchange on your site?

You need to sеlect the direction of the exchange and fill out an exchange request. Click the Exchange button and follow the instructions that you will see in the confirmation window for the exchange request. If you have any questions during the exchange process, please contact the operator via the online help chat.

6. I forgot my account password, how can I recover it?

To recover your password, you can use the “ Password recovery function or contact our support service in the Feedback section.

7. Is it possible to make a refund upon request?

The completed application is irreversible, i.e. funds are non-refundable for such a request. If your operation is not completed, your money will be returned to you minus the commission of the payment system.

8. What bonuses are there for regular customers?

Any registered user, making any exchange, is already participating in the formation of his cumulative discount. After reaching any of the stages of this our Loyalty Program, you receive a coefficient that is applied to the formation of a more favorable exchange rate for you with each next exchange. That is, you get a discount on any exchange in any direction. You can get acquainted with more detailed information and the bonus grid after registration in your Personal Account or following the link .

9. How does the affiliate program work?

Each registered user, in the section “ Affiliate account ” can find his referral link with a unique ID. When a client comes to our site using this link and carries out any operation with currency, you are charged from 5% to 25% of our profit (% of deductions depends on the number of exchanges made). Detailed terms follow the link .

10. Regulations for crediting funds?

Our resource works fully automatically, all applications are processed automatically around the clock.
In the event that the status of your application is “Completed”, the funds were sent by the system to the details you specified for receiving payment. The procedure for crediting cards and wallets depends on the payment system and the bank. The established rules of enrollment on our resource are as follows:

  • WebMoney – Instantly
  • QIWI – Instantly
  • Yandex.Money – Instantly
  • Privat Bank – up to 30 minutes
  • VISA/MC banks of Ukraine – up to 30 minutes
  • VISA/MC banks of Russia, Sberbank, Alfabank, VTB24 – up to 30 minutes

If, after the expiration of these terms, the payment was not credited to your card, you need to contact the site support service from the “Feedback” section.

11. What are the order statuses?

After payment, depending on the type of exchange, we recommend that you view the status of your order in your personal account.

Order statuses:

  • New ” – the order has been created, but you have not gone to the payment page in the payment system;
  • Waiting for confirmation from the merchant ” – the order has been created, but we have not yet received payment for it;
  • Checking out ” – the order will be executed after checking by the operator (this happens if the amount or invoice in the order does not coincide with the real amount or the payment account);
  • Paid ” – the order has been paid, payment has been received to us and payment will be made in the near future;
  • Completed ” – the request has been completed, the funds have been sent to your specified details for receiving funds;
  • Deleted ” – the order is canceled, unpaid orders are canceled automatically 15 minutes after creation;
  • Waiting for confirmation from the autopayment module ” – waiting for confirmation of payment on request;
  • Auto payment error ” – we were unable to pay money on the request. After this status, you should contact support to find out the cause of the error;
  • Incorrect ” – an error in payment for the order;

12. Is it possible to exchange without binding for transactions with WebMoney?

Our service is the official exchange point of the WebMoney system, so we work exclusively according to its rules. Exchange without the necessary links (accounts, cards, wallets) with the participation of the WebMoney system is not performed.

13. Errors when exchanging WebMoney?

If you receive an error: “ The specified parameters do not correspond to the WMID member ” – check the correctness of your data entered (the data must correspond to the information in your passport at ).

If in the application, in the field of the purse webmoney gives the error “ Invalid account number ” and “ The parameter /passport.request/operation/pursetype is incorrect” – make sure that the webmoney wallet is full true (capitalized Z, U, R, E, X).

According to the rules of Webmoney, withdrawal is possible only to linked wallets or bank cards. Linking Qiwi or Yandex wallets takes about 2 minutes. Linking a bank card can take a couple of days. If, when placing an application, you see a notification “ The specified details are not allowed to withdraw funds for WMID … ” – you need to link your wallet or card to a WM purse and then re-submit the application. You can link a bank card or wallet here

Also, on the WM side, there are monthly withdrawal limits for each of the participants, depending on the passport: Formal passport: 5000 USD (or an equivalent amount in another currency); Initial passport: 10,000 USD (or equivalent in another currency); Personal passport: 100,000 USD (or equivalent in another currency). If you see the notification “ … Monthly limit exceeded. ” when placing an application, then you need to change the WM passport level or try again after the limit has expired. More details about the limits can be found here .

14 I entered incorrect details and the funds did not arrive, what should I do?

Sorry, we are unable to return your funds. The only thing we can do is tell the details where the funds went. Be careful when entering data!

15. I was contacted via Skype and offered to conduct an exchange at a favorable rate on your behalf. Is it possible?

We do not make exchanges via Skype, telephone, mail or other means of communication. Any exchange on our service is carried out according to the procedure for creating an application on the site, and any contact on the application goes through the Online Help Chat.

16. Is it possible to exchange an amount that is more than the one indicated on the site?

Yes, it is possible. To do this, during business hours, you need to contact the operator through the online help chat and discuss the details of the exchange there. We will try to provide our reserves with the necessary funds for your operation. You can also leave a request on the website to track the reserve and when we have the amount you need, a notification will be sent to the mail.

17. Don’t have the right answer to the question?

If you have any questions that are not answered on this page – write to the online help chat. The operator will answer them.