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Why do you need to link the card to webmoney

The linking of a bank card to webmoney enables the input / output (purchase / sale) of webmoney in Ukraine through exchange offices. This way input / output is currently alone, due to the blocking of WebMoney.Ua accounts – Ukrgarant.

If earlier users had the opportunity to withdraw money directly, by transfer via, then after the decree of the President of Ukraine on blocking the Webmoney system there is no such possibility. The sanctions were imposed by the decision of the National Security Council of Ukraine on May 2, 2018. May 14 by presidential decree, and this decision was enacted, and entered into force on May 19, after the official publication in the Golos Ukrainy newspaper.

As of today, access to Internet resources listed in the NSDC decision has not yet been suspended. But people could not transfer and cash out WMU hryvnias from their e-wallets even before the NBU issued a message about revoking the license from WebMoney. Many can not do this now.

Immediately make a reservation, in our exchanger, we went to meet users and opened the possibility of wmu withdrawal to PrivatBank’s bank card – automatically and instantly.

What you will get after linking bank card to webmoney

This convenience and the ability to input / output on a linked card at any time of the day or night. Linking is done only once (until the card has expired). As soon as the bank card expires and the bank customer is issued a new card, it is necessary to re-bind.

But do not worry. First, this is done at least once every 1-3 years (depending on the card’s validity period), and secondly, the binding procedure is quite simple. Consider it in more detail.

How do I link cards Visa/Master to WebMoney in Ukraine 2020

A bank payment card is considered verified if:

  • photocopy (scan) of the nominal Bank card is checked by Verification Center
  • the bank card is issued by WebMoney Cards service

A list of all verified Bank cards can be found on the Verification center website. The checked cards are marked in this list with a special color and an icon.

Check a registered bank card

The most important!

Checking a registered bank card is made for owners of formal (or higher) certificates. If you do not have a formal certificate – get it.

Algorithm verification:

Specify bank card details (card number and type);

Upload a color scan or photo of the front of your bank card, as well as a color scanned copy of your passport page with your photo (if this hasn’t been done before). Do not load the back side of the card (with your signature and CVV2 code). It is not needed for verification or attachment .;

Wait until the end of the check, which usually takes 1-2 business days. After verification, you will receive a notification via email and internal WM-mail.

After the end of the check, the bank card is considered attached.

Linking is carried out exclusively in the control panel of your certificate webmoney

Earlier, as we already wrote above, the linking procedure was carried out on the site of Ukrgarant – WebMoney.Ua. But due to the blocking, the binding of the bank card to the webmoney for Ukrainian users was postponed and simplified. The system takes care of its customers, which is very pleasing.

Now the binding occurs after entering the map data and loading the scan map in the control panel of the certificate. Usually, on work weekdays, the linking takes a maximum of 30 minutes.

It is worth recalling to inexperienced users of the system that at least a formal certificate is required to bind a card. It is easy to get it, you just need to fill in passport data on

Webmoney plastic card

It is worth recalling which plastic cards can be tied to WebMoney:

Bank card VISA / MasterCard / Maestro – such plastic cards can be tied to Webmoney in Ukraine.

It should also be remembered that it is now possible to link only a registered bank card (with your name and surname on the card).

Webmoney link PrivatBank card

Let us consider in detail how to link a Privat Bank card to Webmoney.

We remind you that in Ukraine you need to use a VPN. More in the article.

Step 1. Go to the service of  verified bank cards

Here you need to log in with your WMID.

Fill card data need to be exactly like on the card.

Step 2. Press the button – “Save”

Here we see a message in which we are asked to load a scan of the card – the front side.

The verification period is 1-2 business days. But from our experience in a working day, the check takes 15-20 minutes.


Step 3. Click on the link to upload the card.

Step 4. Load scan of your bank card.

In the “Type of document” choose “Bank card, front side.”

Click “Finish upload”.

Step 5. Result.

Waiting for verification. The message about the successful verification will come to the e-mail and to the Keeper WebMoney.

Privat Bank card is linked to WebMoney. By analogy, you can link a card of another Ukrainian bank.

Webmoney link card of Sberbank

For Sberbank, the process of linking a card to Webmoney is similar to that of any other Visa / Master card.

Details are available in the video instructions on the link.

How to link a non-name bank card to webmoney

Checking non-name bank cards is not avaliable.

How to withdraw money from the webmoney on the linked card

The most profitable and quickly withdraw money from the webmoney can be on our service – Have you already attached a card? Then you can safely and without hesitation make the exchange wmz for Privat with us. You will receive the following benefits:

Webmoney commission when withdraw money to a bank card

Using our exchanger for the withdrawal of webmoney on the card, you can be sure that the commission at the withdrawal will be minimal. There are some simple explanations for this:

  • always monitors the market and tries to keep the most profitable rates for clients;
  • we always have the best wmz on private rate in automatic mode to check, compare:
  • commissions are laid out in the course, so that you get the best rate on the market, with no hidden fees;
  • automatic exchange saves time on transfers for the user.

Withdraw WebMoney to Privatbank card

Privatbank is a monopolist in the Ukrainian financial market. 90% of all payments go in Privat. We have the following exchange directions on the card in Privat Bank:: allows profitable, quickly and automatically at any time of the day or night to withdraw money to the attached PrivatBank card. – simple way to change money