After payment, depending on the type of exchange, we recommend that you view the status of your order in your personal account.

Order statuses:

  • New ” – the order has been created, but you have not gone to the payment page in the payment system;
  • Waiting for confirmation from the merchant ” – the order has been created, but we have not yet received payment for it;
  • Checking out ” – the order will be executed after checking by the operator (this happens if the amount or invoice in the order does not coincide with the real amount or the payment account);
  • Paid ” – the order has been paid, payment has been received to us and payment will be made in the near future;
  • Completed ” – the request has been completed, the funds have been sent to your specified details for receiving funds;
  • Deleted ” – the order is canceled, unpaid orders are canceled automatically 15 minutes after creation;
  • Waiting for confirmation from the autopayment module ” – waiting for confirmation of payment on request;
  • Auto payment error ” – we were unable to pay money on the request. After this status, you should contact support to find out the cause of the error;
  • Incorrect ” – an error in payment for the application.