WM.Money service guarantees

Service WM.Money provides automatic exchange of title pages Webmoney WMZ, WMR, WMU, WME, WMX, Yandex Money to Visa / Mastercard, through the system Privat.

What distinguishes us from competitors is:

  1. All operations on our service take place exclusively in automatic mode.
  2. Exchange rate. Any transaction takes less than a minute!
  3. We always provide our clients with the most profitable courses. This is not just a marketing ploy, which everyone is writing to themselves. This is really our principled approach to work. We do not divide customers into wholesalers and those who work with small amounts. We will give you the best rate, even if you exchange 5 hryvnia. Working with us you do not need to constantly check the courses and compare our service with competitors. Be confident: we have always been and will be more profitable! In any other way!
  4. Trust, but check, you will say and you will be right! Please, let’s check it right now. Compare the course on the most popular monitoring in the direction of WMZ-Privat. And now he will look at the course in the same direction in our exchange office. Make sure that our rate is more profitable at any time.
    Only our support is 24/7. We will listen to every client, help and understand your problem.
  5. The service does not stand still. We are constantly moving forward. The plans to connect new exchange systems, expand the scope of the exchanger on all fronts.
  6. We guarantee high quality and speed of service, and we are always ready to meet our customers.

Our guarantees

Guarantees for us are not empty words and they should be mentioned separately.

  1. WM.Money is primarily a formal exchange office with registration in Megastock
  2. WMID exchanger has a merchant’s certificate
  3. High business level, BL. Level of business activity in the WebMoney system.
  4. Official theme on the resource: + topic with reviews about WM.Money
  5. Official theme on the resource: Forum on Internet Marketing
  6. The professional account in the Yandex Money system. This means that our account has been identified and verified by Yandex Money.
  7. Real feedback. Our clients leave feedback on the official WebMoney Advisor service. This service is completely independent, so you can write both a claim and a positive feedback.
  8. Guarantee of the safety and confidentiality of data, the WM.Money service also provides the necessary level of your security. All operations are performed via SSL with 256-bit data encryption, which allows you to prevent the interception of your http data by 3 persons.
  9. Simplicity and convenience of the interface is one of the main advantages of our service, in the embodiment of which we spent a lot of time and effort. Without any exception, we take into account all the comments and suggestions of the customers to make the service even better. Any individual offers are also considered, so if you have something to say to us, we will be happy to hear from you.
  10. Real exchanger contacts. Pay attention, we have in contacts not just a form of feedback, but also a phone number, which you can always call when necessary.
  11. Service WM.Money is added almost in all monitoring exchange rates. On the main, in the partners section you can see a list of all partner monitoring of our exchanger. For the client, this is a guarantee of the solvency of the service, because monitoring receives partner payments. Additionally, on the monitoring you can read reviews about our exchange.
  12. Reserve of currencies. It is worth paying attention to the constant availability of a reserve of currencies for exchange.
  13. Customer feedback after the exchange. In the “Reviews” section there are only real reviews left by our customers right after the exchange operation on our service.