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How to change the limit for payment on the Internet Bank in Private24

If you are unable to pay with a plastic card of Privatbank on the Internet, perhaps you did not open access to a plastic card for payment on the Internet?

Happy owners of plastic cards Privat, before payment, must open a card for payment on the Internet. Allow access to calculations online, on the Internet.

By default, all PrivatBank cards are blocked for payment on the Internet. This is done for your safety. You can expand the powers of your plastic card in Privat24. Quick and easy.

Instructions on how to raise a payment limit on the Internet for a card in Privat Bank

1. Go to Privat24. Menu “My Accounts”.

2. From the list on the left, sеlect the card.

3. Sеlect the item, “Card management”.

4. In the next window, sеlect the item “Enable the ability to pay online”.

5. Set a monthly limit for card transactions. You can change the limit at any time.

6. Disable card for payment in the global network, you can in the same menu.

Is it safety?

It is necessary to know that all plastic and virtual cards of Privatbank are protected by 3D Secure. This means that when performing transactions in the network, you will additionally need to enter a dynamic secret code that is known only to the cardholder.


Watch a detailed video on how to take action step by step