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The innovations have already affected the operations of our users and we warn you about possible delays in the execution of exchanges with Qiwi Visa Wallet! We see that some of our clients’ payments to the wallets of the exchange service are not executed instantly, as it was before. Qiwi holds funds for transfer for up to 48 hours (in practice, we see a hold for several hours). In this case, the exchanger may receive payment on request with a delay.

It is important to understand that when the client’s funds are credited to the account of the exchanger, the automatic completion of the exchange may not occur, because the exchange will already be canceled by timeout. To continue the operation, the client will need to contact the service support. We will complete the exchange in manual mode if the rate at the time of receipt of funds has not changed or we can make a refund if the current rate is no longer relevant for you.

We understand and welcome the goals of the payment system: to get rid of the theft of money from other people’s wallets and stop dirty streams on the dark web. But any fraud monitoring system, even with AI technology, is not perfect and payments of law-abiding users may fall under the restrictions. We are following the development of the situation and hope that the new system of fraud monitoring from Qiwi will work correctly and most of our users will not feel inconvenience.

We also want to relieve you of your anxiety and say that your assets cannot disappear anywhere, get stuck somewhere, etc. When working with WM.Money, you are guaranteed to receive your funds back